We provide holistic services that cover all or your needs. These include:

  • Candidate sourcing
    • Permanent roles for established firms. We understand that the right set of skills is not the only factor that will have an impact on choosing a successful candidate. Other factors such as culture fit are equally important. We take a great deal of time screening our candidates for more nuanced skills. Place once! Place right!
    • Project-based roles for existing projects. Life happens – sometimes the dream project team are unable to see the entire project through to the end. At Filotimo we understand that this is a critical issue and there is an urgency required to replace key personnel. We realise there may be contractual obligations with your client. We act with extreme urgency in these instances to partner with you to ensure the continued success of your project.
    • Key personnel for business development opportunities. The right team is a critical success factor in winning the bid. As seasoned business development professionals, no-one understands this better than us. Not only do we assist you in finding skilled key persons, but we will also endeavour to keep them “on the hook” for the duration of the bid cycle. Acting swiftly should a key person become unavailable at any point.
    • Short-term consultants. With a roster of short-term consultants across a variety of sectors, we are here to assist you with those special requirements, surge recruitment, and project related needs.
  • Recruitment strategy development for complex proposals. With experience in the entire business development cycle. We understand that recruitment starts well before the RFP is released. Filotimo can assist in the development of your dream team long before the project is realised. While your internal resources are occupied with starting-up your other successful opportunities the Filotimo team can work behind the scenes helping you to keep your pipeline healthy.  
  • Contract and payroll management (currently South Africa only). South African employment regulations are complex. Especially regarding project employees. Filotimo can assist you with the preparation of appropriate employment contracts for local hires. In addition, we can offer contract and